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Anette Alvaredo

Health & Movement Expert

That`s Me

Open, empathic, authentic, professional…

As a kinaesthetic person, it has always been my way to express myself, my emotions, with the help of my body.

With sensitivity and because of my own body experience i developed a good eye and an instinctive sense for the causes of my clients issues and limitations.

The close connection of our body, mind and soul and their obvious interaction with each other fascinated me always and I would say…
it made my work becoming more profound and holistic.

I just love what I do and I´m more than grateful for the last 30 years of wonderful experiences with all my clients and students.

Moving people so they feel easy, free and happy in their own bodies…also teaching students to discover the complexitiy of the human body…
that was my daily drive for a long time.

Furthermore, since my youth I developed a steadily growing curiosity about the spiritual connections between body & soul.

I became more and more aware of how much one’s own spiritual development and inner growth is connected to one’s physical condition.

And one the other hands side, i realised how much emotional blockages as well as inner programmings can affect the physical body and prevent our healing process.

So, years of mindful bodywork, mind-expanding meditative and spiritual experiences, learning from some very inspiring people and mentors all over the world, finally led me to the

“Transpersonal Regression Work.”

​Such a comprehensive and profoundly healing work, which really brings holistically body, mind and soul in motion!



What clients or students say:

What people say

I´m joining Anettes Personal Training as well as her classes since many years, and even online , in corona times- she never stopped supporting me and  whatever physical problem i had in these years, she always found a therapeutic approach or a flexible modification for me...the training with her has never been boring but always inspiring.

ANDREA R.(50) Political Scientist

Time is the most precious thing for me - Anette is compriming the most effective and important exerises in a short and crispy workout thats really fitting into my life and its taylored especially for my needs- i feel much better since i started...

Marc J.( 48) CEO

after giving birth to my second child, i really needed help- anette`s empathetic and competent company and her intelligent training approaches made me finding back my core strength and stability in life

Alexa (39) teacher, mother of 2 children

Anette's teaching style is characterized by clear and precise instruction, creativity and her trained therapeutic eye, with which she competently and sensitively gives her participants the right corrections and help.

Diana V. Pilates Instructor Appliant ,Student of and physiotherapist

Anette's classes and trainings are a relaxing experience - she lives her motto - movement for body & soul.

Alex S. client and class member

„I felt very exited and also a little anxious at the beginning, as I didn't know what was really in store for me. How does hypnosis work? Can something negative happen?... and if so, how can I prepare myself for it...?“ But: The conversation with Anette directly before the soul journey did me a lot of good ... She explained to me exactly how the process works. What exactly happens. What hypnosis actually is. She answered all my questions. The most important thing for me was to know that I trust Anette... and I can let myself go with her... everything will go well and that is how it was! A journey that seems very familiar and fascinating... After the hypnosis I came full circle and everything in my life became much clearer and more transparent. My patience with my life and with myself became much more intense. I now find it much easier to accept the past, present and future. I will definitely do it again.   Thank you very much for your time and for your being ,Dear Anette.   It is so nice that you exist.   Thank you"   Nuray

Nuray Ü (38) Designation

It has been a very exciting journey. I'm coping well, I feel good and also somehow liberated. Let it sink down now, I'm managing to fall back on my intuition and my protective shield.... Thank you for that!

Beate L (56) Designation