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That`s Me

Traditional Oriental Medicine, Musculo-Skeletal, Neurologic & Functional Medicine Expert

Life coach – NLP Practitioner

Founder of the worldwide KORE Therapy, KORE Academies UK/EU, & the NMS system for fitness professionals

I have over 25 years of clinical experience working with all conditions from back pain, to sleep issues, headaches and digestive problems, along with my sporting performance enhancement system.

I’ve run clinics in the far & middle East, Switzerland, Germany, India & the UK, working alongside Western & Eastern Dr’s, with thousands of clients, premiership & Bundesliga football teams, both European golf tours, royalty, professional athletes, etc.

I specialise in getting to the root of your problems, using natural hands-on medicine to release old imbalances & blockages that cause organ, hormonal, circulation, psychological or muscular-skeletal problems. My training was in China, Thailand, USA, Germany, UK & Japan that gives me a unique advantage and approach to your healing & recovery!

About Me & My Work

It’s very hard to describe why your therapy is different and how you are different from other therapists because words don’t really get to the core of how much a client can change even after one session if the right intervention is delivered!

And delivering the RIGHT intervention is all about knowledge, intuition & skill.

You either have it or you don’t.

So success can only be expected when others have also experienced the shock of how quickly they can feel different (even after years of problems), stronger, lighter, happier, etc. etc. and that is my history of over 10,000 clients around the world.

I’ve worked with premiership, international & Bundesliga football teams training their physiotherapists and treating their players.

Both men’s & ladies European tours, royalty, athletes, Bollywood actors, families in UAE, Kuwait, Singapore, Thailand, China etc. etc.

I’ve trained GP’s, orthopaedic doctors, osteopaths, physios and therapists all over the world because MY intervention works, fast!

Instead of looking at the pain or the problem I always ask ‘WHY’ is it like this, ‘WHERE does it originate from’, ‘WHAT can we change today, that will make this change today and for good’, ‘HOW can we bring this person into balance quickly, when all the other therapy has failed’

Then you look to the 5 structures that influence everything and every action in the body.

When these 5 structures are in balance all of the systems of the body suddenly and quickly start working again. And your body starts to fight again!

Energy raises, pain & inflammation reduces, the weight is taken off of your shoulders and you feel a surge.

That’s the real you, your real spirit returns and you start to recover!

It’s often not difficult you just need to know where to go and what to do.

You’re welcome to join me when your ready to return to the real YOU!

What people say

It quickly became very obvious that KORE had skills I had not experienced before; it had a dramatic effect on lengthening my playing career along with reducing the stresses and strains of being a manager. We used it's performance enhancement, the team were amazed how he found individual weaknesses and corrected them, as they could feel instantly stronger, they believed they were stronger and took that onto the pitch.

PAUL SIMPSON England world cup winning football manager

I had decided to quit golf due to my long standing back issues that just got too bad to play. I felt like I had tried every therapy & therapist to no avail when John came highly recommended, amazingly I felt better & stronger after the 1st treatment, after the 3rd I was playing well again! Once my body was sorted he focused my mind and I won the next 2 competitions to get me on the ladies European tour. What an unbelievable turnaround from the point of giving up!

LOUISA FLETCHER Golf professional

KORE fills a vital roll in our injury assessment and recovery practices, ensuring we have an excellent standard of quality here at the club. Although KORE utilises extensive skills from China and the Orient he explains his assessment and treatment clearly in Western understanding. It views the injury from a holistic stand point, often finding and proving outside influences that weakened the body leading to the injury. We have used John's skills on many occasions especially for players who aren't recovering as expected or who suffer from repeated injuries which often seem unrelated. I can highly recommend John to any professional physio and any professional club.


Fantastic! I highly recommend this to all my students and players. It fixed all of my aches and pains very quickly to the point of unbelievable rotation and flexibility which I thought I had lost many years ago

Simon Williamson PGA (Lytham St Annes, UK)

Absolutely amazing treatment which saved my career! The best sports diagnosis and treatment I have ever come across. Severe elbow pain which 10 cortisone injections didn’t fix, it took KORE just 2 treatments to get me playing again!

Trish Johnson 25 times European & USA golf champion

I have been so impressed by this system that I now include it in our lesson packages. I want to get the best for my students and that means ensuring they have the flexibility and smoothness in their movement. KORE gives them that freedom so I can take them to the next level in their golf.

Daniel Webster PGA head professional old links golf course Lytham St Anne

KORE has focused my mind and body on achieving the world Championship, I now can’t wait for the competitions to go for it. Before I would think of reasons why I couldn’t, now I only have reasons why I CAN!

Wesley Newton professional darts

Throughout testing and treatment at KORE with Dr John, i felt i was learning more about how my body functions than ever before and the processes of diagnosis, treatment and further exercise regimes that were applicable to me. Diagnosis was explained simply and in a golf specific manner (i.e. my body was working at around 75% or less of its capacity, with limited range of motion and injury resulted tight musculature) and i cannot begin to describe how successful treatment was to increase my range of movement in previously 'injury damaged' areas and the general increase in well-being i experienced. It was simply incredible. When playing golf afterwards I felt more dynamic and powerful than i ever have before when standing over a golf ball. My left ankle has always been slow to warm up but when beginning to practice, although being slightly hesitant at first, i found that i did not feel any effect whatsoever. In fact all other previous injury areas also felt much better, meaning that i could commit to hitting shots at 100%, which upon reflection i probably only achieved 85% in the past. As a result I started hitting the ball much further than ever before up to 20% further which for a golf professional is a miracle!

Ben Giles PGA golf professional