Healt Mission

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Our Health Concept

Our health and recovery program will provide you with a well rounded intervention to work against degeneration, rebuild your health, secure your energy and stabilize your body in one package.

Every physical problem usually has a mental or energetical aspect of imbalance, which we take into account and integrate it into your individually taylored  program.

You will receive specialised KORE therapy, physiotherapeutic structual alignment, a variety of other powerful interventions and deep releasing energy techniques.

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Human Beings are made for Movement!

After a successful treatment your body needs the “right ” stimulation for sustaining the therapeutic effect, for example : once the pelvis is balanced, your muscles will then need to be reactivated to secure this new position.

You`ll return to your painfree natural flowing movement patterns!

Your individually  customized “training program” will help you integrating all aspects and keeps the energy floating.

The right Balance between Movement and Relaxation or Regeneration is the real key to health and wellbeing.

In our powerful and unique Health-Mission  we combine the experience of over 30 years in more than 26 countries and with thousands of different clients.

You`ll get the Essence of our lifelong learning and experience process and we are sure this will change your life !


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