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Individual K.O.R.E. Treatment

What is KORE ?

Did you know that pain in your neck, back or knee can be a direct result from an injury in a completely unrelated part of your body from many years ago?

Fatigue, illness, insomnia and pain can all emerge from a historic issue that the body hasn’t manage to deal with apart from burying it for a long time.
This is why we often say ‘I must be getting old!’ because we can’t reference it to anything obvious.


KORE’s expertise is in finding & treating the root cause to your suffering and not just dealing just with your symptoms.
It is in this capacity that KORE gains its high levels of success where many other therapies and interventions fail.


KORE practitioners & specialists are trained in unique, detailed and highly accurate muscle testing diagnosis system. This simple procedure mixed with your medical history helps the practitioner read the body’s historical roadmap, identifying injuries, imbalances & poor functioning of your system that will lead to different symptoms throughout your body.


The aim of KORE’s muscle testing is to initiate an immune system response by getting the clients brain to recognise the primary root cause issues, thus setting the client up to start the healing process before the therapy even begins.

Once the weakness or imbalance’s have been identified, the second layer of KORE’s strength is revealed. A range of clearly targeted interventions and skills taken from the most successful techniques used in both Eastern and Western medicine. Including mobilisation, fascial release, acupuncture, strong energy releases, cupping therapy all the way to fascia release techniques.


Each modality is selected individually or together for its ability to work with each persons unique combination of injury’s or imbalances for maximum effect.


At the end of each therapy session the same muscle tests are used to prove to the client that the KORE intervention has immediately made them stronger and therefor the healing process has begun.
This ability to trigger an improvement almost immediately – in pain levels, in sporting performance or in overall health is what sets KORE apart from the rest.


Advice is then given so the client can take control of their issues and make changes that will support all treatment interventions and accelerate their recovery time.

KORE handout

An example of our performance enhancement and accelerated injury recovery success is captured in the short list below:

Stephen Porter - Javelin

Lower back and knee injury treated leading to:-

Personal best (PB) by more than half a meter to win the Northern Lancashire Schools’ Champion – Lancashire County Champion

Heel, Calf and Neck injury treated leading to:-

New PB 4.53m improvement!

Miles Manley – Hurdler

Hip and lower leg problem injury treated leading to:-

New PB & 
Silver medal indoor 60m hurdles National Championships

100m Hurdles Northern Champion under 17 

100m Hurdles bronze medal in National Championships

100m Hurdles bronze UK Schools’ Games

Anne-Marie Pennington – Javelin

Shin-splints – told she needed an operation or 18 months rest. Three treatments lead to:-

New PB by 2.77m – no need for any operation!

Silver medalist as a first year senior Northern Senior Championships.

Michael Porter – Shot/Javelin

Back and shoulder injury treated leading to:-

New PB 58cm Shot

Silver medalist Indoor Shot Northern Championships under 17.

Lancashire County Shot & Javelin Champion

Kayleigh Huggins – Javelin

Shoulder/ankle/back injury treated leading to:-

New PB by 1.26m

Lancashire County Champion Lancashire Schools Champion

George Sharp – Pole Vaulter

Unable to vault, treated leading to:-

PB next competition 4.01m and indoor under 21 national champion

Adam Lesbirel - Javelin

Back and shoulder injury treated leading to:-

PB on the Sunday following

Sam Johnson – Discus/Hammer

Upper back and neck injury treated leading to:
PB in next competition in Hammer and Discus